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Looking ahead to Chanukah

As the new music season is heating up, the Bar Papas are planning their next move. We will be scheduling a Chanukah show so Check back soon for more….


June 14 -Looking Back

The June 14 show at the Little House in Jerusalem was a success.

Each one of the band members had fun, -even Amihai.

It’s never easy making sure all components of a gig go smoothly, especially when two new musicians are invited to join in who don’t really know the music. Also, we brought back our old bass player, Michael, who this time played keyboard. His knowledge of the music was still fresh and our feeling was that he would be an interesting addition to the group.

A week before we played live we had one 4 hour solid practice with all the components. It went well giving us an optimistic feeling for what we were setting out to accomplish.

In the end, there were plenty of comments to go around from all directions.

Some people enjoyed the band better with the core 4 -two guitars, bass and drums.
Some liked the new combination or just the sax or just the harp.
Some people said drop the keys.
However, there were still plenty of people who just had a great time and liked everything -my kind of people…. 🙂

(yes, we want the constructive criticism)

Either way, Shaul from Bat Ayin knows what he’s doing and found just the right spots to jazz us up. Yoni Liss gave us some great harmonica filling in for Amihai who, well, didn’t want to play harmonica. Michael, well-we have to turn up that amp of his next time but he did just fine.

Ze’ev found his way on bass and Amihai and Shimshon tried their best frightening David the drummer into remembering which song they were playing and when to play trance.

Check back soon for more info and thanks again to the Little House in Baka and everyone who came out.

-Papa Amihai

TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 2005

Fans! How was it?

Bar Papas fans. How was the show. Let us know…
Papa Amihai
Papa Shimshon

SUNDAY, JUNE 05, 2005

Upcoming Show Tuesday June 14th

Come see
The Bar Papas
The Little House in Baka
(the corner of Derech Hebron & Rehov Yehuda 1)
Tuesday Night June 14th
8:30 pm
Shimshon- Guitar, vocals
Amihai- Guitar, vocals
Michael- Keyboard
Zev Stender- Bass
Yoni- Harmonica
David- Drums
Shaul- sax
15 NIS entrance
15 NIS minimum purchase

TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2005

Papas History Lesson #1

I came to Israel with my guitar.
Who was I? I didn’t really know how to play guitar (and I still don’t). I didn’t understand keys and I had no conception of music theory. Plucking on the strings was just a way to relax, to understand the world in a different way.Performing in public is everyone’s dream, however, it wasn’t a personal goal. Yet, under the surface, the unknowing process of building a relationship with my guitar was at work.In a great way, the guitar was (and still is) a canvas where the background was the fret board and colors were sounds. Over time the sounds became melodies and songs. Then there were nigunim. Suddenly, the instrument came alive or perhaps I came alive. Either way, the instinct that learning Torah would open up the creativity inside became real.Then, without knowing it, I became a Bar Papa. Thus the story begins.-Papa Amihai

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2005

The Bar Papas

Jerusalem (29 May 2005)

The music scene in Jerusalem has seen bands come and go yet the Bar Papa’s have staged a remarkable effort in pleasing their fans. Nearly six years ago, the Bar Papas founding members Shimshon Meir Frankel and Amihai Zippor created their own sound defined by what “The Jerusalem Post’s” Ben Jacobson describes as ‘tongue-in-cheek upbeat folk, extended guitar rhythm jams, and inspirational treatments of Jewish liturgy.”

As a monthly draw at the now defunct Rebecca’s in downtown Jerusalem, the Bar Papa’s drew overflowing crowds with their unique blend of Rock, Bluegrass, Punk, Trance and a great time. Since then they have played various venues around Jerusalem and command a sizable following.

After a period of musical maturation and development, Mr Jacobson describes their new sound as “far more jazzy and thankfully, prone to explorations into the land of 20 minute psychedelic interludes…”

What is it that makes this band different from others?
As they are fond of saying, “All lyrics by Prophets and Rabbis, All music by the Bar Papa’s.”

Their musical and spiritual influences have created a style that is their own and a sound that catches the audience into wanting more. This isn’t just a quote from the artists themselves but words from other well-known musicians in the Jerusalem scene.

People from across the Jewish spectrum from rosh yeshivot to plain old music lovers have had only praise for this band who’s shows are not just fun but an experience.

The current line-up features the high powered Zev Stender on bass and new drummer David Krammer. Zev Macklin, the band’s original drummer who also helped arrange the music for its self titled CD is on hiatus with personal projects though you might still be able to catch a future show with his world class talent -and his fantastic drum solo.

What’s the year been like for the Bar Papas?
On Tuesday March 2nd the Bar Papa’s staged a masterful show at the Little House in Baka giving the audience two and a half hours of solid music enlightening the more than 100 in attendance to their unique style and energy. The band then played a Pre-Purim encore performance on March 22nd and a few other smaller gigs. While efforts continue to produce a new album, a June 14th show is in the works with special guest musicians.

Come and join them. Come and see them.

Watch out! Here come the Bar Papas!!!