There were never stickers and t-shirts. So how did it all happen?

How did the Bar Papas ‘gain notoriety?’

Some might say that aside from their music, it was their artistically thought out and diligently made posters and flyers that set the tone.

True, Photoshop already existed but no one in yeshiva had a copy.

They had hired Ben Jacobson to help design and print their original demo cd cover but there weren’t any funds left to continue using his services for advertising. It had nothing to do with him; they were simply broke, living from practice to practice, gig to gig hoping not to break a string.

Meanwhile, when the Bar Papas started playing at Rebeccas on Rehov Haniviim Street just around the corner from Nachlaot, they became something of a neighborhood sensation and put up some great performances for the locals.

Building a name for themselves, Amihai decided it was time to also give the band a little more character and so the Bar Papas caricatures were born.

Adam only played one night at Rebeccas before he returned to the U.S. but he got one. Michael got one. In fact pretty much anyone who played a live show got one.

If you were walking by one of these posters or flyers plastered all around downtown Jerusalem or in and around venues where the band rocked, you just had to drop in and check out the scene.

You may ask, what the heck is the apostrophe “s” for and the answer is, nobody knows.

Nevertheless, here’s what’s left from another era….