Shema Notes

At certain times in the past, the Bar Papas associated the song Shema with a dirge. It had a certain folksy/acoustic feel that brought to mind the word ‘dirge’ -that is until they realized the word is more associated with songs for the dead. Like we mentioned elsewhere, these guys weren’t musicians in the traditional […]

Reb Sholom Brodt z”l

With tears in our eyes we want to express our deep sadness for the loss of our good friend Rabbi Sholom Brodt and extend condolences to his entire family and the world he touched.   Right from the start Reb Sholom came to several of our first shows at Rebeccas. A distinct memory of him was […]

Posters & Flyers & Word of Mouth

There were never stickers and t-shirts. So how did it all happen? How did the Bar Papas ‘gain notoriety?’ Some might say that aside from their music, it was their artistically thought out and diligently made posters and flyers that set the tone. True, Photoshop already existed but no one in yeshiva had a copy. They […]

Hashiveynu & Nesiya Tova Notes

Bar Papas songs are highly original compositions for one main reason: It wasn’t a true musician’s mind putting them all together. In the Bar Papas case, they played their instruments for long hours journeying back and forth up and down the fret board until something (a pick?) struck a chord. This is how Amihai and Shimshon developed their own material […]

Karev Yom Notes

Here’s a look at Karev Yom, the first track off Nesiya Tova. This song was not originally on the recording block and as it turned out, pushed a few others on the chopping block. It took precedence because it was a hit when played live and it embodied a lot of what the Bar Papas […]

Music is on the way

The Bar Papas have been preparing the world for all kinds of wonderful things and will soon be celebrating our 20th anniversary! Hows’ that for time flying! We’ve also been preparing for the Nesiya Tova album release for a long time now and are hoping for some movement on this after Lag B’Omer. Furthermore, stay […]