The following musicians played on the album Nesiya Tova

Amihai Zippor -acoustic guitars, electric guitars, vocals

Shimshon Meir Frankel -acoustic guitar, vocals

Ze’ev Macklin -drums, vocals track 7 (the ‘one, two three…’)

Jo Zander -bass tracks 1-4

Avi Hirschberg -bass tracks 5-12

Avraham Berk -trumpets

Shaul Judelman -Saxophone tracks 2, 6

Yehuda Leichter  -Keyboard/Pianos

Yonnie Dror -flute, tenor saxophone


Recording history

This album was recorded in and around Jerusalem. Live recording of the rhythm section for this album took place at Keshet Studios. Recording continued with Gil Stein and then with Rafi Biberfeld.

Mixed by Rafi Biberfeld

Mastered by Shmulik Kovalsky

Amihai would like to thank

My family and friends for all their support. Especially my brother Adi z’’l who one day brought home a guitar which sat around the house for years untouched until a trip to Israel opened a door to my opening the case.


Shimshon Meir would like to thank

Benji Mazer and his guiding influence. If it weren’t for him, I would still be stuck in a cave or standing on top of a mountain somewhere (in Israel), convinced that I couldn’t play music with anyone but Hashem. It took some serious coaxing, but when he pointed out the strange guy playing guitar at lunch every day on the Darche Noam roof, my interest was peaked. Benji said matter-of-fact, “Hey, he (Amihai) plays guitar, and you play guitar. Why don’t you go over and ask him if he’d like to play with you.” “Oh no, I don’t play with other people,” I exclaimed (waving my hands in his face). Benji looked so forlorn. I simply couldn’t look any further into his puppy-dog eyes. I blurted, “Ask him if he’ll play the songs that I play — because, frankly, that’s all I know.” Benji came back nodding the “go-ahead” and it’s been a Bar Papas roller-coaster from there on. Thanks Benji! It’s all because of you. NOTE: Amihai disputes this entire story believing it was Matt Gleicher who made the suggestion….


The Bar Papas would like to thank

Yeshivat Darche Noam where it all started, Yeshivat Hamivtar where it all took off, Rabbi Chayim Brovender for his guidance and being a true Rebbe, the Rabbis of Yeshivat Hamivtar for their encouragement, Shlomo Katz for his biggest fan status and unparalleled friendship; the following musicians for playing gigs and being a part of the journey: Adam Margolis, Zev Stender, Jonathan Fialka, Danny Roth, Moshe Murry Epstein, Mordechai Knof, David Kramer, David Ruderman, Mike Tewner; Gil Stein for his ears, Beit Hamusica for making it an interesting journey to the finish line; To the following for taking the time for special feedback: Shmuel Nelson, Sarit Idel, Shirat Isaak Starkman, Bracha Zornberg, Michael Harpaz, Shmuel Weisfeld; Ben Jacobson for his publicity, and last but not least The Bar Papas thank their many fans spread across the world.

This album took eight years to complete and three years on the shelf before showing it’s face to the world.
This album is dedicated to the memory of Shira Pransky z’’l whose words of encouragement helped make this album possible.