Here’s a look at Karev Yom, the first track off Nesiya Tova.

This song was not originally on the recording block and as it turned out, pushed a few others on the chopping block. It took precedence because it was a hit when played live and it embodied a lot of what the Bar Papas are: an eclectic mix of genres, people, tastes, and different kinds of fun. It started off as a mainly acoustic piece with drums and bass but matured into something beyond.

It was a work in progress so much so that there were times when Amihai was listening to it walking around Jerusalem and sounds on the street influenced the final outcome.

The song is essentially two songs, or one song with an extended exit to give some of the feel of what it was like at a Bar Papas show.

In the studio, several versions of the ending were recorded, which meant we let Ze’ev go wild to see what he would come up with. The take that made it into the final recording had a transonic kind of feel which blended into a kind of ethnic or tribal stand.

We then had to figure out what to do with that…

There is also a bit of interesting tuning by Jo on bass and Avraham Berk put down some nice trumpets. There’s also some cool snippets from Yehuda Leuchter on keyboard which really added some meat in places that needed it.

This final version moves away from the lighter feel of the 06 recording, the one which the studio lost (see The Bar Papas Story, Chapter 3) but which there is an instrumental rough mix of that we’ll put up soon to show where we were coming from.

Karev Yom